Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dances in Two Worlds: Origins

Dances in Two Worlds—a book by Thordis Simonsen
Dances in Two Worlds—a sculpture by Michael Mrowka

You might wonder what this 2-sided found-object wooden totem has to do with the book by the same name. The sculpture came first, the book came later. The book was named after the totem, which I describe in the title story, where I also explain why the piece appealed to me and why I took her home twenty years ago. I thought you would like to see her. I met the artist, Michael Mrowka, in a Jungian painting group where I began to paint in 1988. (My very first piece is included in the book.) Of course, when I purchased the sculpture named Dances in Two Worlds (to celebrate the publication of Dancing Girl), I had no idea the next book I had in mind would be named for her. And even though I was commuting between Denver and the Greek village, Elika, at the time, and I had already begun to paint as well as write, I had no idea that my life itself had become a dance in two worlds.

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